Landlord Gas Safety Checks in Failsworth

Including Gas Safety Certificates (CP12), at Mark Anthony Walsh Heating & Plumbing we’re eligible to undertake landlord inspections and certificates. Additionally we install and inspect smoker detectors and carbon monoxide testers, and carry out pre-purchase reports and safety checks for gas and general plumbing.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in Failsworth – Gas Safe Reg No. 580099

All landlords require a Gas Safety inspection carried out on an annual basis as a legal requirement in the UK. The tenant has to be supplied with a legitimate, in-date copy as well as the landlord retaining a copy of the certificate. There will be a minimum of disruption to your tenants or you when Mark Anthony Walsh Heating & Plumbing performs this inspection. If any remedial work is necessary to correct any problems with your property, we will supply a free, no obligation quote for the required work to make your property safe and legal once more. Annually people die as a result of badly maintained or poorly installed flues or gas appliances. We aim to provide peace of mind by providing a yearly Gas Safety Check conducted by a Gas Safe installer. Additionally, we service, test and install CO detectors.

Commercial Landlord Gas Safety Checks in Failsworth

All commercial landlords who let part or all of a property need to have all pipework and gas appliances maintained and checked annually, as a result of government legislation introduced in 1996. Once your property has passed the checks carried out during the inspection, our engineers will present you with your Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate, or CP17.

How Will I Benefit by Regularly Maintaining Appliances?:

  • Under the latest legal requirements, you will be covered
  • You will ensure the safety of your tenants
  • You can improve the fuel efficiency of the property
  • The equipment’s lifespan will be increased
  • Breakdowns will occur less frequently due to more reliable equipment
  • Problems with heating will be reduced

How are landlords affected by the new CO regulations?

Any room which has a solid fuel burning combustion appliance must have a working CO detector, and many landlords still aren’t aware of this fact. In addition, a working smoke alarm must be fitted on each floor in all properties let. Mark Anthony Walsh Heating & Plumbing will go into your properties to inspect current arrangements, check working detectors and replace or install where required.

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